Smart water supply with Energy Saving through ESCO Project
Implemented and Maintain By : G A Infra Pvt. Ltd.
Powered By : Desire Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • Bharatpur is situated 180 KM south of India's capital, New Delhi, 178 KM from Pink City Jaipur, and famous for the Keoladeo National Bird Century. Total Population of the Bharatpur is 2.75 Lac. Recently Bharatpur has been included in Delhi's National Capital Region (NCR).

  • The water supply for Bharatpur city is dependent on water received from Bandh Baretha and Chambal. Due to the very old and conventional water supply system, Pumps PHED Department was supplying 25-28 MLD to the Bharatpur city against demand of 45 MLD. Further there were not any methodilogy to maintain and monitor the water demand and supply.

  • On 13.03.2015 Public Health and Engineering Department, Bharatpur release an order to an ESCO Company M/S G A Infra Pvt. Ltd. , Jaipur to Rehabilitate entire water supply system of Bharatpur city on ESCO Concept under PPP Mode. Which includes 13 Nos. Pumping stations, and 22 Nos. Over Head tanks.

  • Under this Project the ESCO Company have to replace/ Repair/ Rehabilitate the entire Pumps, Pumping system, Control Panel, electrical accessories, Header to upgrade the water supply system of Bharatpur city from EXISTING 25 MLD to 40 MLD and upto 65 MLD, and provide a Live Monitoring of the water production and energy consumption to the Department . Further this ESCO Company will also maintain this entire system, Pump Houses, Pumps, Control Panel, flow meters etc for a period of 10 years. Under ESCO Concept Department will not pay to the company for capital investment neither for O&M Part only the energy saving made through the pumping station in comparison to the old pumping system will be shared to the company.

  • GA infra Pvt. Ltd. along with its technology partner Desire Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd, started to work on this project in April 2015, Initially work started with survey and Energy Audits of the existing water supply system of the bharatpur by the engineering team, and a plan prepared with the help of the PHED , to increase water supply , along with conserving the power and to develop a transparent and reliable water supply system to the Bharatpur city.

  • During the audit report it is find out that maximum pumps at Bharatpur pump houses are old and completed there efficient working life, it is also concluded that , behind the inefficiency of the system along with the Old pumps, wrong selection of pumps head and suction and delivery lines were also playing the major role, further the headers of the pump houses have been become so old and thus getting leakages very frequently and that disturb the regular water supply. It is also observed during the audit that there is no mechanism to control overflow of the Over Head Tanks, it is dependent on the manual communication by the person maintain the supply and the person operating the pumps at Pump House, and due to this a lot of power and water is getting wastage.

  • In the first 4 Months company changes maximum Pumps with new higher capacity and energy efficient pumps, along with pumps company also changes the conventional control panels with modern control panels with Soft starters and all kind of electric protections to control the pumps and pumping system. Company Implemented the modern SCADA System to monitor and control the water supply. Company changed the Suction and Delivery lines as per requirement of hydraulics, company also changed the major header of the pump houses to reduce the friction losses of the system. To avoid the human mistakes to control the overflow from the Over Head tanks company engineering teams designed a Solar Operated Ultrasonic level sensor along with RMS, which gives water level details of the Over head tanks to the centralized SCADA System, by which pumps get automatically operated as per required water supply.

  • Company also developed a web based software to provide live working of all pumps and pumping system to the department. This web portal also provides reports for the daily water production and power consumption. Company have also developed Preventive Maintenance Mechanism to avoid the Break downs, which is based on the ERP System.

  • Company complete the implementation on 30th December 2015 and depute 55 Nos. Engineering staff at all the pump houses to maintain the implemented system as well as water supply to the Bharatpur city. Now Bharatpur city is getting water supply of 45 MLD without any interrrup in a smart manner, with more than 40% energy saving.

  • Now on a single click PHED Department can visit the live status of the water supply, can manage the water supply remotely, can view the water level in all the 22 Nos. Over Head tanks, now Bharatpur Have become Smart Bhartpur with Smart water supply. This all happen because of the Visionary PHED Minister Smt. Kiran Maheshwari and the support of the Superintending Engineer Shree R.C.Gupta and other technical staff to the ESCO Company.